Creamy Espresso Caramel
August 18, 2016
What does it take to make espresso caramel? A lot of good espresso. We took our creamy caramel to a new caffeine level by putting a tasteful amount of Nashville’s locally roasted, Bongo Java, espresso into our homemade creamy caramel recipe.
Creamy Caramel
August 18, 2016
Our homemade creamy caramel has a soft, buttery texture with hints of vanilla. This caramel doesn’t leave you with half of your candy stuck in your teeth but instead it will flood your taste buds leaving you wanting more. Always fresh and handcrafted. Order them online and they will be individually…
Creamy Sea Salt Caramel
August 18, 2016
Our classic creamy caramel topped with grey sea salt makes for a little heaven on earth. The sea salt- a natural flavor enhancer- enhances the sugary, buttery flavor of the caramel without making it too sweet and, if we do our job right, not too salty. Layering these flavors brings more use to our 5 taste buds leaving you with just the right amount of sweet and salty.
August 18, 2016
It all began (well, not all. Read our “history” for more on the yesteryears of Leon’s family recipes) in 1994 when Leon and his wife Myrna decided to open a New Orleans style praline shop in the heart of downtown Nashville. It all started with the traditional, maple, flavored pecan pralines.
Chocolate Caramel
March 4, 2016
We take our creamy caramel and mix in a rich, decadent cocoa creating a grown up “tootsie roll” that will melt in your mouth. Order them online and you will get these delicious pieces of caramel wrapped in a wax paper just waiting to untwisted and enjoyed!
What Is A Praline?
March 3, 2016
What is a praline? A question we get asked regularly, especially from those of a non southern decent. So we are here to clear things up and to get you informed on some of best, sweetest candy on earth! A praline, in short, is a sugar coated nut. Traditionally, a praline is a maple or brown sugar flavored confection made with pecans.
Nashville's Candy man?
March 3, 2016
Fresh candy made at Pralines by Leon draws sweet-toothed customers from Nashville and beyond. Move over, Willy Wonka. That fictional character of candy-making fame can’t compete with the real deal. Tucked away on Nashville’s Second Avenue, the sugar master who operates Pralines by Leon boasts a storied past rivaling any in Music City’s historic district.
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