Mary Ball Candies
Handcrafted in Nashville since 1994
When you step into Leon's Candy your senses are flooded with smells of warm caramel, rich melted chocolate, and even Jack Daniel's whiskey.
You can feel the love and taste the sweet history that lies in this quaint candy kitchen in downtown Nashville. The classic maple and pecan praline began this fourth generation candy store. In 1888 Leon's grandfather arrived in New Orleans from Greece. His grandfather worked full time making the local's favorite pecan praline.

In the late '40's Chris Vlahos, Leon's Father started Mary Ball Candy Company. As a boy Leon remembered working side by side with his siblings and uncles stirring copper kettles that created the rich aroma that flooded onto the streets of Birmingham. Chris soon opened stores in Birmingham, Atlanta and Nashville.

Years passed and the family sold the business. Leon went to college, started a family and moved to Nashville. When the children were grown Leon's passion for his family's confections still lingered.

In 1993, with his wife Myrna, Leon dusted off his father's handwritten recipes and opened Pralines by Leon. His boisterous and outgoing personality was addicting as the candy he made. Customers came from near and far for his confections. Word got out about his candy and drew in locals, travelers, musicians and corporate execs a like. His pralines were served at George W. Bush's First State of the Union Address dinner and were also featured on the Food Network and in Southern Living magazine. One may have heard Leon say, 'I guess I'm the last of the Mohicans!' but with such a rich history and his loving energy, his family proved him wrong. Now, simply called Leon's Candy, his wife and family continue handcrafting the old recipes.
In one sweet bite you'll see why we are said to be the
southern living cover
southern living coverLeon and his sisters and brother selling candy
Leon and his sisters and brother selling candy
best candy everMary Ball Candy, Downtown Birmingham
Mary Ball Candy, Downtown Birmingham
Move over, Willy Wonka.
That fictional character of candy-making fame can't compete with the real deal. Tucked away on Nashville's Second Avenue, Leon's Candy boasts a storied past rivaling any in Music City's historic district.
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138 2nd Ave North, Suite 102
Nashville, TN 37201
Inside Butler's Run Breezeway,
where 2nd Ave meets Commerce St
Mon-Sat 11am-4pm (CST)
Sunday Closed
Hours are subject to change for holidays and/or downtown events. Please call or check our Facebook page for updates.

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